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Mad Men: Joanie’s vase wake-up call

Whoever made this gif posted a link to it on the Onion TV Club thread for the episode “The Gypsy and the Hobo.”

Oh, no she ditint!

Oh, no she dit'int!

Do we all agree this is awesome?

Episode thoughts coming soon.

Dan’s Scriptomatic Cinematic Telematic 3D!

p.s. I will post credit for the gif if/whenI get it. Any help is appreciated.

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Mad Men Behind-the-Scenes drama: Kater Gordon off writing staff – Deadline.com

"Gimme that!"

"Gimme that!"

Interesting Mad Men staff news from Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood: Kater Gordon, the co-writer of the Emmy winning second season finale episode “Meditations in an Emergency” will not be returning for next season.

Finke suggests that foul play or some kind of Letterman-esque situation may have led to her being fired.

This is interesting to me as I first noticed Kater Gordon when I was particularly unenthused by her weak writing in MM 3.5: “The Fog.”

I noticed that she had gone from writer’s assistant to co-writing the second season finale with Matthew Weiner, the creator.  Seemed a bit fast. This article says she was actually his personal assistant and suggests the possibility that there may have been some illicit goings-on — but isn’t Weiner gay?  It’s funny I always assumed that he was until this season when for whatever reason the gaydar wasn’t pinging so much when I saw him do press (update: nope, he’s married and has four sons.  I know gay men who have kids from marriages with women, but they didn’t stay with their wives.  So my gaydar fails again; I swear, I had no idea Bruce Valance would try to kiss me at that party.  I thought he was leaning in to tell me another hilarious Whoopi Goldberg-related bon mot.).

Anyway, maybe there’s a simple explanation, no need for dramatics…Kater Gordon just asked for more money after the Emmy win and Matt Weiner didn’t want to pay her so she left?  At this time, no one really knows anything.

And in other Mad Men behind-the-scenes newsChristina Hendricks got married today in New York City.

But in case you were wondering, her hubby is NOT the love child of Jeff Goldblum and Toby Flenderson.  (I know, right?)

Hubby is an actor intro'd to her by Vincent Kartheiser, aka Pete Campbell.

Hubby is an actor intro'd to her by Vincent Kartheiser, aka Pete Campbell.

UPDATED: Here’s some wedding pics! I’d like to know why they were wed in Il Buco restaurant in Little Italy…

Christina Hendricks wedding1

Which begs the question: when will we see
Joan again? (or Sal, now that he’s been

Christina Hendricks weds actor Geoffrey Arend

Christina Hendricks weds actor Geoffrey Arend


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